The Westward Road   September 21, 1915


We are traveling on life’s journey

We are going down the road.

We are speeding down the turnpike

With a light or heavy load.


Though we falter neath the shadows

Or cheer beneath the glow.

Of balmy sunlit stretches

No pause do we in e’er to know.


Between our childhood cradle

And the grave toward which we go.


Be our hours sad or pleasant

Be our moments gray or grave.

Be our cup mild sweet or better

Life is pulsing on it’s way.

To the brink of the eternal

From there is no returning.

Towards the unknown we are whirling

As we travel on Life’s way.


We now have reached the summit

And the road aheads forlorn.

Toward the twilight we are heading

With our back turned towards the morn.

And through the sunsets splendor

Casts a glow rich, warm and tender.

 Time that glory soon will render.

And the brilliance will surrender

To the night that’s coming on.


So while we’re traveling on life’s journey

While we’re going down the road.

While we’re speeding down the turnpike

With a light or heavy load.

Let us win whatever gladness

Gain what sunshine that we may..

And unmindful of our sorrows

Enjoy life’s little day.