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Killeeshil Parish

American Prospects

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The Latter Day Wild Geese


Hugh O'Neil

Tipperary's Children

The Ardagh Chalice

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Above Panel: This volume center panel features Hugh O’Neil 2nd Earl of Tyrone and Irish freedom fighter. He led an unsuccessful rebellion against English rule and Irish domination by Elizabeth 1 and her

successor James 1.  The O‘Neil and the O’Donnell clan fled Ireland after their defeat at Kisale in what is known as The Flight of the Earls. 




The Duffy Family Dungannon, Tyrone

    First Generation





Second Generation

Third Generation

Daniel Duffy abt. 1839

Married abt. 1865

Ann Mallon


James Duffy 21 Aug 1866


Married 14 Jun 1866

Bridget Kelly


Thomas Duffy 12 May1868 Killeeshil

d. 1874






William Duffy 04 Aug 1870 Killeeshil

d. abt 1870






Married 1905 Killeeshil

Alice Mallon 20 Dec 1876 Killeeshil





Daniel Duffy 06 Jan 1875 Killeeshil







Terence Duffy 23 Apr 1877 Killeeshil

Married 06 Jan 1918 New York NY

Elizabeth Callan Dec 1895 Muckno





Patrick Duffy 21 Nov 1879 Killeeshil

d. 1882






Michael Duffy 30 Apr 1882 Killeeshil

Married 10 Aug 1919 New York, NY

Bridget Touhy abt. 1891 Cork





Mary Ann Duffy 05 Sep 1886 Killeeshil

Married 1911 Killeeshil

James Mallon 30 Jul 1867 Killeeshil


Fourth Generation

Daniel Duffy

John Duffy 20 Jul 1907

Married 04 Jun 1933 Brooklyn, NY

Annie Reynolds 27 May 1903

James Duffy Oct-Dec 1908

Married Dec 1943 Sligo

Maureen Finnegan Jun 1918

Rose Duffy Feb 1911

d. 09 Aug 1925

Bridget Duffy 29 Mar 1912

Married 12 Jun 1942 New York, NY


 Sarah Duffy 6 Aug 1913

Married 14 Jul 1941 Killeeshil

Patrick Cush 06 Jan 1896

James Duffy
John Duffy 6 Jan 1917 Moy  
Michael Duffy 1919 Moy  
Patrick Duffy 9 Sep 1924  







The Latter Day Wild Geese

            Our American story is much the same as so many other families in that we can trace our roots to a different  place and time where the promise of economic and spiritual fulfillment was becoming increasingly difficult.  My mother came to America from Drumnafern County Tyrone Ireland  in 1929 when she was seventeen years old to find work and help to support her family.  I’m not at all sure if she thought of the move as permanent, because I felt initially that she had every intention of returning and making a life for herself back home. It is not as though she did not have any family here, her brother John had come just six months earlier, and her uncles Mick and Terance had been here for a dozen years.  She was not alone. Over the years I came to realize that there was a much broader network that held them together, gave them strength and solace through the difficult times, a community that made the transition less difficult.  They were her family, friends and neighbors, what I refer to as Ireland’s Latter Day Wild Geese. 

            In my early childhood years I off  course knew my mother’s brother, my Uncle John, and I have many pleasant memories of our visits to his home in Brooklyn, NY.  When I began to put together my genealogical tree almost thirty years ago and pull together all those early memories, the source for all those names became clear.  Places such as Drumnafern and Reaskmore, Killeeshil, Tullyallan.  Names like Mallon, McCann, Lucas, Duggan, McCool, and Comac appear in the census records of 1901 and 1911 and those names and are part of my earliest memories.  When Terance Duffy passed away suddenly in 1939, Pat McCool became a guardian for Luke, Terance and James.  Evelyn, their sister was taken in by Terance’s brother Mick Duffy and his wife Bridget.  Pat McCool left his job as a construction sandhog and purchased a farm in Poukeepsie, NY, a place I had visited in 1960 with my mother and my Uncle John.  The McCanns were related through marriage to the Mallon family in Reaskmore and they came to Brooklyn in the 1920’ and were instrumental in sponsoring several of the Mallon and Duffy family members soon to follow.  John Lucas and Lizzy Duggan who became husband and wife were both expatriates.  John Lucas became a very successful contractor and helped build much the town of Long Beach NY in the 1940’s.  Rose Comac was arguably my mother’s closest friend and confidant through the years.  When difficulties arose they would come to the aid of one another, just as their families had done back home in Ireland. 

            Practicing genealogy is like building a house. We study and put together the structure, but there is more that makes it a home.  The stories passed down from generation to generation are the furniture, and decorative artifacts that bring warmth and comfort to our lives.  As I pursue our story further, I am sure that more of those people that touched our lives will be added and maybe bring back another name or face from the distant recesses of my mind.  After all this is an ongoing discovery.  

Bridget Duffy and John Duffy