Vital Document Index

The Vital Documents Index is the most dynamic page on the Tipperary’s Children website, and for a very good reason.  It is a constant work in progress, an effort to draw the facts together and give our family some substance especially in the absence of firsthand memories.  The information contained herein is a collection  of records and family connections obtained through years of research. 

As always it is an honest attempt to disseminate factual information without enhancing or detracting from any individual. There are over a thousand names and eight categories of information contained in the index.  Clicking on the Name and Pedigree will link you to a family tree chart which will aid in tracing your family ancestry, while many names will remain unlinked in order to respect the privacy of those living.  Civil and sacramental documents as well as naturalization and military records are linked to the actual documents when available. 

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