Quincy, Massachusetts

    Last but certainly not least is the town of Quincy Massachusetts, a small textile and shipbuilding town just to the south of the city of Boston.  Quincy is most famous as the home of  President John Adams.  Although the Adams farm is long since gone, the home has been preserved and is a national landmark.  Charles Sullivan and Margaret Mulcahy immigrated to America on the SS Austrian on 28 September1886.  They were married soon after at St John the Baptist Church in Quincy Massachusetts on 7 November 1886.  The very first address that I have been able to uncover from the Quincy City Directory of  1888 lists them as living at 87 Water Street where William was born. and  it appears they will remain there at least until the end of 1888.  At the beginning of 1889 and prior to March of that year, they have moved to 38 Water Street which will become their primary residence for the next 11 years.  Confirmation of that move is found in the birth register of Charles Sullivan which lists his address as 38 Water Street, in fact it is the only birth record for the three children that gives an address.  It is at 38 Water Street that their children Charles and Julia will begin their lives.  In fact as I will document, in the course of their marriage, Margaret and Charles will never move more than a mile from the place they first called home. 

Occupation: Plasterer, Laborer, Mason

Lived at:

87 Water St 1888-1890 William born here November 16, 1887

38 Water St 1891-1901 Charles born here March 2 1889 Julia born here June 6,1890

96 Water St 1902-1914

44 Pearl Street 1915-1936