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Scene from Main Street in Clogheen, Tipperary, Ireland




There is good news for family researchers of Irish ancestry.  As of October 2009, the National Archives of Ireland has established a website for the purpose of researching family history.  The archival records for the 1911 census detailing the families and individuals as well as comprehensive information of the towns and dwellings they inhabited.   The 1901 census is scheduled to be released online sometime in the middle of 2010, and I will keep you up to date on my findings as soon as they become available.

Census material is very important in family research because it allows the researcher to effectively keep track of the life death cycle as well providing movement of family members from one place to the next.  It also helps to establish the existence of persons heretofore unknown or unverified as in the case of Kate Sullivan.  There are two links associated with each name. The first is the actual image of the census sheet, and the second link is the transcript of that image.  If you find it difficult to read the actual image, the transcript will be a great help.  You will need Adobe Reader in order to view the census image, and you can download it here.

I would like to encourage all of you to share what information you have so I can make this an interesting venture for everyone.  If you would like me to help with a search of family ancestry I would be glad to help.  Please send your requests and suggestions to


Overview Main Street, Clogheen, County Tipperary


For the overview of Clogheen I included the link below because I found many of the names that are linked one way or another in our family history.  Family friends and probably relations in some cases are listed up and down Main Street, as well as Cockpit Lane, and Shanrahan.  Names that appear in various records include: Gorman, Hanrahan, Dwyer, and Mulcahy.  Beginning in the 1870's there was a mass exodus from the village of Clogheen, with somewhere between 10 and twenty percent of the population emigrating to England, Australia, and North America.  I have been able to trace some of that movement through the popular online services.

 Main Street Clogheen 1911


  Paul Sullivan - Main Street, Clogheen, County Tipperary.

Starting with Paul Sullivan, my grandfather Christopherís oldest brother.  He lives alone in a boarding house numbered 77 on Main Street in Clogheen.  He is the father of five children, none of whom live in the town of their birth.  Margaret, the oldest, is living in County Mayo and William has emigrated to America.  

Paul Sullivan, the oldest child of William and Margaret Sullivan, lives alone on Main Street, Clogheen near his brother Williamís family.  He is an unemployed Slater.  His age as it appears on the census lists him as 64 which I believe is a mistake because his birth record has him born in 1850 which would make him at least two years younger.  His children have all left for England or America, and I am hoping that the 1901 Irish Census will shed some more light on some of the details.  I do not have a date for his passing, but I have been told that it was not long after this census was taken, that he moved to England, died, and was buried there.  The postcard to the right was sent to Paul's sister Mary Sullivan Fleming in 1908 by Margaret Sullivan.  The card says: "The house on the opposite side is where My Father lives".  Many thanks to Maureen Miller for her enormous help in reconstructing our family history.    Image



Sullivan - Lyons

Margaret Sullivan and John Lyons - Larganboy, West (Bekan, County Mayo)


Margaret Sullivan Lyons, Paulís daughter, came to Philadelphia in 1900 and lived and worked there for 10 years before meeting John Lyons.  They moved back to county Mayo Ireland in 1910, to be married and raise a family, living with the family of John Lyons.  Margaret did return to Clogheen in 1908 to visit her father.  Her Uncle Charles from Quincy, Paulís brother, also accompanied her.  On the return trip to Quincy, Paulís son William Paul joined Charles.  The Ireland Census of 1911 shows Margaret and John Lyons living in Larganboy, County Mayo.  I have some postcards and letters written to the Fleming family which have been a valuable source of information relating to the Sullivan family.  Thanks to Marlene Faherty for the photographs of her grandparents.    Image    Transcript



William Sullivan - Main Street, Clogheen, County Tipperary    Image    Transcript


William Sullivan lives with his family at house 81 not far from his brother Paul.   He is a slater (roofer that works with slate tiles) and plasterer (when walls and ceilings were made with wood strips called lath and covered with plaster).  In his case it was more likely that he was a plasterer of ceilings, since that was the common practice in England and Ireland.  He and Catherine have been married for 20 years, and five children with one deceased.

I also noted that Margaret, the only daughter, reads and writes both Irish and English.  There seems to be a pattern in many Irish households, where the oldest daughter is taught the traditional language in order to insure it's survival.  Thank you to Catherine Smith for sending this photo of her grandfather William, taken sometime around 1938.




Catherine (Kate) Sullivan Ė Cockpit Lane, Clogheen, County Tipperary


I know very little about Aunt Kate.  She is listed as living alone in a cottage along Cockpit Lane, which is just off Main Street Clogheen.   An old family postcard (at right) showing Main Street as it must have appeared in the late 1940ís or early 1950ís has notations where William and Kate lived.  I believe it is quite possible that Kate inherited the family property after the death of her mother Margaret in 1891.

Kate is listed as head of family and housekeeper.  I am not sure what source of income she had, but it seems that she was self sufficient.

            I am not sure of the origin of these postcards, since they were given to me about thirty years ago by my mother.  It's possible that one of my grandfather Christopher's children visited there, or they came from another second generation family source.


       Image    Transcript




Overview Reaskmore, County Tyrone


Reaskmore, County Tyrone


I included this overview of Reaskmore because many of the family names listed here figure prominently in the family history of the Duffys including Mallon, Cush and Lucas.  I would like to have more information about my grandmother's family (Mallon), if anyone has any information.  Not found on the census are any of John Duffy's siblings.  According to the International Genealogical records of the British Isles (Latter Day Saints) John has four other brothers.  The entire listing is as follows: Thomas Duffy b. Co Tyrone 29 May, 1868, William Duffy b. Co Tyrone 06 Aug, 1870, John b. Dungannon, Co. Tyrone 26 November, 1872, Terence b. Drumnafern, Co. Tyrone 23 April, 1877, and Patrick b. Drumnafern, Co Tyrone 21 November, 1879.  Not listed in the records is Michael Duffy.  Of all these listed, only John Duffy appears on the census.    Transcript


 John Duffy - Reaskmore, County Tyrone


Listed are John and Alice Duffy along with three children, John, James, and Rose.  Bridget, my mother was born the following March.  Rose died sometime around her 14th birthday from heart failure.  The picture to the left is one from my motherís collection of family photos.  My grandparents Alice Duffy and John Duffy, their son James and possibly daughter Sara.  Need help on this one.  Love the thatched roof.  At the time of this census, Johnís brothers, Terence and Michael were both living in New York.  More on their family connections in the future.    Image    Transcript


Callan - Bangor, Down

The Callan family and the Duffy family are linked by the  marriage  of Elizabeth Callan and Terence Duffy on 6 January, 1918 at Corpus Christi Church Manhattan co. NY, NY.  The Marriage Certificate  lists the groom's parents as Daniel Duffy and Bridget Kelly, and the bride's parents as Luke Callan and Elizabeth Sherry.  The bride's birthplace is listed as Castle Blayney, Monaghan Co. Ireland.  The information I have uncovered needs to be verified, because there are some inconsistencies.

Luke Callan

Luke Callan is an uncommon name in the Irish Census of 1911.  There are only three matches in all of all of Ireland, and only one of the names matches the parameters of the data I have in my family records.  The possibility that this is the family of Elizabeth Callan is better than average, but it needs to be verified.  Possibly Sharon and Paul Lombardi can supply some bit of information that might be helpful (I would love to have some pictures if you can make some copies).  Another curiosity is that a Luke Callan is also listed  as a servant along with the John McIlroy family Ballywilliam (Donaghadee Rural, Co. Down).  Given that there is only six miles between the two locations, and that the name is an uncommon one, along with the age parameter, I believe that Luke Callan was listed twice.  The family link below has Luke Callan in Donaghadee along with the McIlroy family as well as a map showing the road between the two towns.    Image    Transcript,+Bangor,+North+Down,+BT20+4,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&geocode=FUu-QQMdF4qr_yl3xJ5k8ndhSDHH2-UcpkGssQ%3BFcMDQgMdcJep_ymfti0AHJ5hSDEd2FfVI1GVXA&mra=ls&sll=54.64543    Map


Elizabeth Callan    Image    Transcript


57 Castle Street, Bangor, North Down, BT20 4, United Kingdom,+Bangor,+North+Down,+BT20+4,+United+Kingdom&mrt=all&sll=54.66023,-5.668559&sspn=0.00453,0.021887&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=57+Castle+St,+Bangor,+North+Down+BT20+4,+United+Kingdom


There is another possibility here that is also better than average cross referenced with information taken from the Ellis Island Database.  There is a ship's manifest from the steamer Cameronia which lists a Lizzie Callan,  seamstress, Castleblayney, Ireland on line 23.  All the information seems to fit, and I believe that Paul and Sharon have this copy as well.  Named as a relative in the country of origin is mother, Bessie Callan Drumlandrick, Co. Monaghan.   This is significant because it omits the father's name, probably because he is deceased.  Also listed in NY is a sister, but that box has been obliterated by notations.  Using this information, I did a search for Bessie Callan on the 1911 census and found the link for house number 7 Drumlandrick, Monaghan.


Ellis Island


Page 1




Residents of house number 7 in Drumlandrick (Broomfield, Monaghan)






I think this is the most probable link to the Callan family in Ireland, but it has one glaring omission.  Elizabeth Callan is not listed in the family census and the only female child is Sara Ann age 14.   I don't think they are one and the same, so are they twin sisters?  And where is Elizabeth? When putting this all together I deliberately held back on sending this newsletter out so that I could get more information about the Callan family.  It's the best I could do, but it is a good start.  More information will come as I find it.



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